About Us

In 1961 Future Credit of Detroit was organized and chartered by the State of Michigan. The main office was established at the Ukrainian National Temple on Martin Street in Detroit and a second office was opened in Hamtramck. The credit union began its work with a handful of member (67 in all) and an initial amount of $3,785. From among these founding members emerged a group of individuals whose tremendous volunteer effort guided our credit union through its initial growing pains. The Future Credit Union offices were in West Detroit and run in cramped quarters at the Ukrainian National Temple by Pylyp Sotnyk and in Hamtramck, on Joseph Campau (later moved to Caniff), run by Mychajlo Duzyj. By expanding, “Future” was able to serve the Ukrainian community on the East and West sides of Detroit. By the end of the 1961 calendar year the membership grew to 152 and the balance stood at $34,297. The first purchase of a small building was in 1967 adjacent to the Ukrainian National Temple; this then became the Main Office. By the end of the year the membership grew to 979 and assets reached $1,150,901.

At this point Future Credit Union limited its services to the management of its members’ savings and to the lending of money, primarily in the form of consumer and mortgage loans. The credit union’s largest loan was a $250,000 construction loan to the Ukrainian Cultural Center (1977).

In 1979 a branch office was opened in Warren and was housed in the Ukrainian Cultural Center and in 1980 this had become the main office. By 1980 “Future” offered a number of services to its membership, Savings, Checking, Loans, Revolving Credit Loans, Mortgages, Certificates of Deposit, Money Orders, Direct Deposit, Share Insurance, Savings Life Insurance and Loan Protection Insurance. In the 1980′s the Credit Union introduced additional services such as, Allsavers Certificates, IRA’s, VISA Credit Cards, Travelers Checks, Home Equity Loan and Government Student Loans. 1988 was a great year for the credit union members; the Board of Directors gave approval to construct a new credit union building next door to the Ukrainian Cultural Center.

The additional services offered to its membership in the 1990′s were drive-thru windows, Safe Deposit Boxes, U.S. Savings Bonds, 1% Rebate of all VISA purchases, Wire Transfers-Domestic and International, ATM Cards, Debit Cards, City of Warren payments of Property Taxes and Water bills and automatic Bill Payment utilities.

Throughout our 50 years of service to our community we have strived to offer the best service and the latest and most advanced technology keeping pace with all other financial institutions. We believe that during these years Ukrainian Future Credit Union has demonstrated itself as an asset to the Ukrainian Community of the Metro Detroit Area and to the State of Michigan. We are determined to continue this tradition of excellence in the Future.