Debit Cards

ATM / Mastercard Debit – Apply Now (PDF)

A Debit Card is like an “enhanced” ATM Card because it has all the same features, but you can also use a Debit Card to purchase goods and services.

Use your Debit Card at the:

  • Gas Station
  • Restaurant
  • Grocery Store
  • Shopping Mall

It’s Easy!

When you pay for purchases, the merchant will run your card through a card reader. Then you will enter your PIN Number or sign your name. You will get a receipt at the time of purchase and the total amount of the transaction will be automatically deducted from your checking account. Some merchants may also let you get back additional cash back!

It’s Safe!

Your Debit Card is safer to carry around than cash or checks and the transactions appear on your monthly checking statement to record everything you buy.


Have you always wanted the security of a checkbook with the convenience of an ATM card? With the Debit Mastercard you can have the best of both worlds. Use it at an ATM to get cash. Use it at your favorite restaurants or make purchases at your local grocery store. Its uses are virtually endless. Use your Debit Mastercard at millions of locations worldwide.Enjoy the benefits that the Mastercard symbol brings to your ATM card. Complete the above application today and bring it to any of our 4 locations to begin shopping with your Debit Mastercard.